Saturday, May 31, 2008


Russ and I went camping this weekend with our friends Stephen and Afton. We camped near Garden Valley, Idaho and our campsite was right next to the Payette river. Russ got a new sleeping bag for an early birthday present, so he was very excited to use it. We also got to use our new tent that Russ's parents got us for Christmas, it's a very nice tent (Thank you Ron and Millie). I made tin foil dinners which actually turned out well and we had smores thanks to Stephen and Afton. Russ and Stephen had a lot of fun collecting wood and playing the big fire they made for us. They are so boys. The trip was short but it was really fun and relaxing... I love camping.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Cute Baby

I thought I'd post a new pregnancy picture, I am now 25 weeks and still comfortably pregnant, I'm sure that won't last for long. I also thought I'd tell you to check out my sister Tara's blog for a picture of what the baby would look like if it were half Conan O'brien, I'm sure everyone will agree that it's very cute.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Day at the "Beach"

Russ and I went to Sandy Point Beach on Saturday with our friends Stephen and Afton. We wanted to go swimming because it was super hot but the water was freezing so I only got in up to my knees, I told Russ that the water was too cold for the baby. Russ was the only one brave enough to get all the way in water, I was very proud of him. I'd have to say that our favorite thing about our trip to Sandy Point was the people watching. There were a lot of very interesting people there.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Cabin

Russ, Tara, and I went to the cabin (in Stanley Idaho) this weekend. On Saturday we went fishing on the Salmon river and also in some ponds up Yankee Fork. We had a really good time. We all caught a bunch of little fish but Russ and Tara both "caught" big Steelheads. I say "caught" because they did not catch them the normal way, like when the fish bites the lure way. Tara snagged her fish by the fin and Russ caught his in a net. But catching is catching right? Later we went to eat burgers at a restaurant in Stanley that was less than impressive, the food was alright but they tried to poison Tara. (They gave her expired mayo for her burger, you'll have to visit her blog for the full story.) Anyway, needless to say, we a had a fun relaxing weekend at the cabin and we hope that Tara is alright. Here are some pictures from our trip...

Russ and I in front of the Sawtooths.

Russ fishing "Huck Finn" style on the Salmon.

Russ and Tara with their fish.

Russ with his netted Steelhead.

Russ and I on the Sunbeam Dam.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Russell's Garden

Russ has decided to plant a garden this summer. He's already put hours and hours into it and he hasn't even planted anything yet. He's been working really hard to prepare the ground and installing a sprinkler system. He plans on planting peppers, tomatoes, zuchinni, carrots, beans, corn and so on. He's really excited for this summer project and we hope that it turns out really well. We'll keep you updated on the growth... I'm sure that you can't wait. Here is a picture of Russ next to his garden (or tilled dirt).