Saturday, March 28, 2009

Josie's Six Month Photo Shoot

Josie had a photo shoot with Laura this last week. She did awesome but got super tired towards the end. I'm really excited because Laura got some great pictures. I am so lucky to have a sister that is such an amazing photographer! Thank you Laura!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Merry Marchness

Russ loves college basketball, so he always gets excited for March Madness. He said it's like his Christmas, he's weird. He likes all of us to fill out brackets and this year was Josie's first time. We're still not done filling hers out because it's a very long process. We hold up two toys, each representing a team, whichever one she chooses wins that game. We have to give her breaks because she starts to get annoyed after a few picks, so needless to say, it will take us a while to finish. I'm supposed to be working on it with her while Russ is gone today, I haven't yet. Russ has been impressed with some of Josie's picks and she's even predicted some upsets. Below is a picture of Josie trying to make a pick.

I thought I would add in this last picture because Josie looks so cute and it looks like she actually enjoys eating. Feeding Josie has been quite stressful for me, it's definitely not easy. She is finally starting to not hate it as much. She'll take a few bites then she's done. Before she would scream and cry when I would move the spoon towards her, so she has improved.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Six Months Old!

Josie turned six months old yesterday, it's hard to believe that she's already so old. I can't imagine my life without her now, she brings me so much joy. She went to the doctor today so here are her stats: 13lbs 12oz (10%ile) and 25 in (25%ile), she's a petite little thing. Today she ate rice cereal for the first time. She wasn't sure if she liked it at first but then started opening her mouth really big when I moved the spoon towards her. I'm excited to try new foods the next several weeks to see how she likes them.