Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas, Our Anniversary, and the 'Stache'

We had a really good Christmas this year, we were very spoiled! Russell got some power tools, I got clothes and some fun cooking stuff and Josie got a doll named Sophia. She loves her doll and tries to change her diaper, brush her teeth and feed her with a bottle, she is a very good mommy. These two pictures show how excited Josie was for Christmas.

Tara and Josie relaxing on Christmas Eve.

Hanging out with Nicole.

Our presents from Santa.

Russell in his new Timberland boots (yes Afton he got another pair). Tara in her new fishing waders.

Nicole got lots of pop and movies, she was very happy.

Josie's mad face, she wants the camera yet again.

Russell and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary on the 28th.

The happy couple.

And last but not least. You may have noticed that Russ has been growing a beard. He started about 2 months ago but the other day he decided it was time to shave...

however he decided to leave this gem on his upper lip and is keeping it until after church on Sunday, lucky me.