Thursday, June 26, 2008

River, Camping, Russell's New Scooter and 30 weeks pregnant...

This last weekend was very action packed. We went down the Main Payette river on Friday. Russ wanted to take a kayak but we forgot the paddle so he tried out the cataraft and my dad taught him some new skills. On Friday night we went camping, the weather was really warm and perfect.
Russ' scooter, which her ordered from the internet a few weeks ago, finally came. When we came home on Saturday from camping, Russ spent a good portion of the day putting his scooter together. Everyone a had great time riding on it. All the kids had to have at least 2 rides each, then came back the next day for more.

I am now 30 weeks pregnant and I feel like I'm getting bigger and bigger everyday. I'm really enjoying being pregnant, my favorite thing is feeling the baby wiggle all around inside of me. It's so weird that I have a tiny person inside of me.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Last New York Post

On Tuesday we went for a boat tour around Manhattan and we saw the Statue of Liberty. The ride was fun but a little long. Then we went to the Metropolitan Museum and finished the night by walking around Central Park. It was another really hot and humid day, so my feet and ankles swelled up really bad again and I was exhausted by the end of the day.

Central Park
On Wednesday we saw Ground Zero then went to Chinatown and bought some stuff on Canal St. Later that day after lunch we walked through Washington Square Park and saw a naked girl getting painted, that was interesting. On Thursday, our last day in the city, we ate lunch at Serendipity, did some shopping and rode a ferry from Wallstreet to New Jersey. It was a really great trip and I hope to go back sometime soon. Hopefully Russ can go with me next time. (Check out my sisters' blogs for more NYC pics.)

Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity

Typical Laura

Leaving New York on the Ferry

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our First Day in New York

This is my first of a few New York posts. I went to New York with my mom, Tara, Laura, Steph and Marlee from Sat June 7 to Fri June 13. Sunday through Tuesday were super hot and humid, so walking all over the city was a little rough those days. We got to Manhattan on Sunday afternoon. That evening we went to Times Square and did a lot of shopping. Monday morning we went to the Today Show and saw Ann Curry, Al Roker and Haylie Duff. Laura and Tara got a picture with Ann, they were very excited. Then we took an NBC tour, we saw the SNL set and some other fun stuff. Tara got us tickets to Conan Obrien that night. (By the way...On the way to Conan we saw Demi Moore and Giselle Bundchen on the street.) For those of you that read Tara's blog about the t-shirt she made for me to wear to Conan...well he didn't see it, we were sitting too far back. But all the people that saw me wearing it thought it was funny, so I'm sure if Conan had seen it, he would have loved it. Anyway, the show was really fun and Conan was super funny and Kate Hudson was the guest, so that was cool. (It was a very celeb filled day.) After Conan we went to eat at Carmine's, an italian restaurant, which was very good. Then we went to Times Square again and took some pictures. (I didn't take one picture the whole time. Laura and Steph brought their really nice cameras and took a million pictures. Laura has all some edited pictures on her blog so you'll have to check them out.)
Marlee and I at Rockafeller Plaza
All of us at Rockefeller Plaza
Marlee and Steph

Dinner at Carmine's

Laura, Tara and I in Times Square