Monday, August 31, 2009

Josie's Birthday Party

We celebrated Josie's 1st birthday this last Saturday. Why a week before her birthday you ask? Because Russ and I will not be with on her on her actual birthday, we will be in New York. I'm a horrible mother I know, believe me, I've stressed about this a lot. Anyway, for her party we went to the park and had pizza, cake and ice cream. Josie got some great gifts. Russ and I got her a telephone that makes a lot of noise, which I am now regretting. After opening presents, I stripped her down to her diaper so she could attack her birthday cake. She did quite the opposite. She was not interested in the cake at all. She obviously doesn't take after her mother.

Josie has been changing a lot this last month. She is waving all the time, she says 'hi dad', she gives kisses and as of Friday, she walks! She is getting more and more fun all the time. I'm convinced that she's the best baby ever, but I may be a little biased.

Monday, August 3, 2009

River, Cabin, and 'Our Twins'

A week ago Russ took a cataraft down the river for the first time. Josie and I drove along the river and stopped to watch where we could. Both Josie and I really wanted to go on the boat but I told her she's too young, and that maybe she can go in a couple years. Anyway, Russ did awesome, at least I think he did, because he made it down the river alive and we had a fun time watching him.
This last weekend we headed to the cabin in Stanley with some of the fam. We had a fun time, we roasted lots of marshmallows, and relaxed on the beach at Redfish. I think Josie's favorite part of the trip was playing in the water with Dad. She loves the water, even if it's freezing.

This last week I've been helping watch my sister's baby, Lincoln. He's two weeks younger than Josie and the easiest baby ever. However, even though he's super easy, two babies are much harder than one. It's probably just because Josie gets more high maitenance when another baby is trying to get my attention. When Josie gets upset Russ likes to tell her "Mom's trying to take care of your brother". I've definately decided that I do not want twins and I have a lot of respect for my two sisters and mom who have been lucky enough to have them.