Sunday, September 16, 2012


Josie LOVED Easter this year! She was really excited about our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt on the days leadbing up to it, but was a little timid when it began. She ended up getting more than enough eggs. She did much better than last year, when we had to practically beg her to pick any up.

I forgot to get Lilah something for Easter. What kind of mother does this? I guess it shows you how important the Holiday is to me. I still felt bad however, and threw a few things in her basket last minute.

The only matching outfits they have. Josie picked them out, she just fell in love with the Mermaid on the shirt. :)

Mother's Day
Russ did some interpreting at the PBR when it came to town. Here is with Silvano Alves, the rider he was working with. Russ was really excited to do it and even more excited that he was getting payed for it. He had a great time.