Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Last Minute Trip

Josie and I couldn't wait the whole 7 weeks to see Russ, so last Monday we hopped on a plane to Vegas to hang out with him for a week. We stayed with some relatives of Russ' that were the nicest people ever, they were very good to us and fed us tons of food. We looked for apartments without much luck, drove around the city we'll soon call home, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Now we only have 4 more weeks!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Last Days with Daddy

Russ started his new job on Monday, yay! However he's in Dallas for training and he'll be gone for seven weeks, which is not so yay. Josie and I already miss him very much, 3 days down and 44 to go. Anyway, on the days leading up to Russell's departure, the three of us spent some good quality time together. Russ' last day of classes was Thursday, so we took Josie to the Zoo (where a lion hunted Josie, but seriously, it charged the glass and got right up to Josie's face... thank goodness for the glass.) and later went out for ice cream to celebrate. On Saturday we went to a movie and dinner. Then Sunday morning we bawled our eyes out and said goodbye. We can't wait for Daddy to come home!
The Lion that wanted to eat Josie.

Daddy, Josie Chippy Time

Josie and I on Sunday evening, missing our Russy.

This is what we're using to count down the days until dad gets home.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Did the Easter Bunny Bring You?

Well if you ask Russ, nothing, because he is very certain there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny. According to him, a Bunny that 'poops' eggs is beyond belief, so not only does he not believe but he claims he won't allow our children to believe in such an insane idea. However, he loves Easter candy more than anyone, go figure. Anyway, despite Russell's negative attitude towards the bunny, we woke up Easter morning to beautiful candy filled easter baskets. I guess he's lucky that Josie and I believe. :)

Josie couldn't wait to dig in.(And yes my daughter is wearing boy pajamas.)

Russell's candy spread.