Thursday, June 24, 2010

Out of Control

This little girl is out of control. Her little personality is really coming out and she's getting more and more fun all the time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Recent Happenings from Vegas...

Last Sunday when it was a 100 plus degrees, we decided to take a drive to Mt. Charleston. It's about 30 min away from our place, about the same distance as the strip but in the opposite direction. It was quite pleasant and very comfortable at about 70 degrees. It felt like we were right back in Idaho. We plan on visiting often.
We celebrated Russell's 26th birthday on the 9th. I made him Chicken Enchiladas for dinner and some Pistachio Pudding cake, which I ended up eating most of. I put trick candles on his cake. Josie thought it was hilarious.

And the for the most exciting news....... Josie went pee in the potty! I got the little potty out just so she could get used to it and within about 10 minutes she peed in it. I'm sure it was beginners luck but I was very excited!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home?

We've been in Las Vegas for a week now. My parents drove down with us last Sunday, spent the week here and drove back home on Friday morning. During our first week here we explored the strip a bit (saw a lot of crazy people), went to about 5 different Walmarts about 10 different times (saw some choice people there too) and went to the Fantastik swap meet (where yet again we saw some interesting folk). We've been busy all week getting all the things we need to make our condo feel like home including a new HD tv, slipcovers, chairs and toilet paper (since my parents will no longer be providing it).
We really like the area of town where we live. We're right on the edge of town, literally, there's just desert between us and the mountains. We're about 30 minutes away from the strip and we have almost all the shopping we could ever need within about 10 miles, including Costco and 2 Targets, which are my personal favorites. We're enjoying life here so far, except for the above normal temperatures, I hope I can survive in these triple digits.
We miss all our friends and family at home. We especially miss free rent, free satellite tv, free Internet, garbage/mail service, Sunday dinners and all the other countless luxuries provided by the Larry and Cindy Pond household. But it feels good to be on our own, even if it is way more expensive!
Here are a few pictures from this week. Sorry they're aren't any from the swap meet, cameras were not allowed, which is quite unfortunate.
Nan and Grandad
Russ and Josie on our strip venture.
The view from our complex entrance.

More pictures of our place and our adventures here in Vegas to come....