Sunday, August 12, 2012

Winter Months

I'm trying to play catch up and write about the year up to now, and am having a hard time remembering much, so here's a couple things I can remember.
Josie gave her first talk as a sunbeam in February. We practiced with her every day for a week before... she had it memorized. When I got up in Primary with her to give her talk she stood there silently. When I whispered in her ear for her to say it she said loudly in the microphone, 'No!'. So needless to say, I gave her talk. It's okay, hopefully next time it will go a little better.
(This is what her talk was: 'Jesus loves us. He wants us to obey. When we obey we are happy.')
In March Josie got her first bike. For several months she would tell a story that went something like this...'Once upon a time there was a little girl named Josie who had a Light De Queen bike.' And that's the whole story. So she'd been dreaming about a Light De Queen aka Lightning McQueen bike for quite some time. We were really excited to get it for her. She got the matching helmet, bell and horn as well. She was a little scared to actually ride it for quite a while and went so slow that it was almost painful but she's starting to ge the hang of it finally, kind of.

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Marisa said...

They are SO stinkin cute and Josie is getting so big!!